Your first quality, in addition to your professionalism, is to humanize a profession that has the sad reputation (justified or not I can't say) of being a world of sharks.
I have therefore enjoyed working with your company, because a handshake still seems to have value for you.
Ms. M. H. and Mr. J.-B. P.
We have been satisfied with your services in general. We particularly appreciated your availability and quick response to our questions and inquiries.
We also appreciated the fact that you gave us time to visit the villa without constantly throwing us a stream of subjective and useless information.
Mrs. D. C. and Mr. V. P.
Professional supervision, continuous follow-up, promises kept, results achieved, friendly welcome.
We would not hesitate to work again with Mr. Morisod and his company.
Mr. K. J.
1. Quality of your advertisement; care and precision in the writing of the ad; modern marketing with the possibility of virtual tour.
2. Reactivity, speed and rigour in your electronic and telephone communication.
3. No commercial aggressiveness but a spirit of advice that respects the potential buyer's need for reflection.
4. Significant added services: putting you in touch with partners in the local network: bank; notary and companies.
Mrs A.-C. F. and Mr G. R.
A dynamic company. A person who listens to our needs, always present at all my requests.
Does the impossible to solve problems.
Mrs L. P.
We were served with professionalism and seriousness. Mr. Morisod listens and takes our wishes into account.
We can only recommend his company to anyone wishing to buy or sell a property.
Mrs A. and Mr D. M.